PROTECTA is a doctoral training program delivering innovative trans-sectoral training in oomycete pathology, effector biology, and disease control. Our program runs from 2018-2023 and involves nine academic and industry institutions who will train 14 PhD students across Europe. They are supported by a further nine academic and industry partners. 

PROTECTA is an Innovation Training Network funded by the European Union through the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Actions, within the H2020 programme and under grant agreement number 766048.

PROTECTA aims to develop new and innovative ways to control oomycete diseases across the agriculture, environment, forestry and aquaculture sectors. We study oomycete pathogens and their hosts in multidisciplinary cross-sectoral projects. We work closely with plant breeding, plant protection and aquaculture companies to translate our results into new crop varieties with durable resistance, new ways to protect fish in aquaculture and new biological control methods to protect agricultural, horticultural, silvicultural and natural ecosystems. Thus, we contribute to reducing European dependence on chemical pesticides, and to the implementation of the mandatory EU directive on integrated pest management in Europe.